Shifting Fates Part IV now available on Amazon! $0.99 for a limited time only.

The wait is finally over.  Part IV of Shifting Fates by NYT bestselling author Aubrey Rose and Nadia Simonenko (that’s meee!) is finally here!

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A mission to save his new family… and a chance to avenge his brother…

The military has kidnapped Kit and the twins to use for medical research, and Cage and Bindi are desperate. There’s no way past the armory’s spotlights and guard towers, and armed guards patrol the wall day and night. Even if they could get in, how could they possibly get all the children out again? 

They need to break into the armory, and they need help from Nim and Emma to do it. Can they really trust the shifter who betrayed them in the first place, though? Will Emma betray Bindi, jealous of her connection to Cage? 

The children’s lives hang in the balance… 

New release on Amazon — Shifting Fates Book III! $0.99 until Friday!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that the third book of my collaboration project with Aubrey Rose is live on Amazon!  Shifting Fates: Betrayal is $0.99 for a limited time only, so grab it while it’s hot!

I really like this one (and Book IV is shaping up to be awesome, too), so I hope you all love it!!  Click the cover to see all the details on Amazon.


Shifting Fates III cover


From New York Times bestselling author Aubrey Rose and Nadia Simonenko comes a darkly erotic shifter romance series that will thrill you like never before. 

A soldier sent to destroy all shifters… including the woman he loves…

Cage is on a suicide mission he no longer believes in. The connection he feels with Bindi draws him farther away from the military. Treason is unthinkable, but so are the crimes of the Lazaretto containment military… 

Bindi’s passion toward Cage is tested when his men invade the tunnels she lives in. And when someone she trusts with all her heart betrays her, hell breaks loose. Now she risks losing the children whose very lives depend on her. What will she do – what can she do – to keep her family together? 

*** a Shifter Romance Series that will pull at your heartstrings *** 


The third tunnel explodes only blocks away, and before I can melt through the cold betrayal chilling my nerves and find anything to say, the Major turns away. 

“Delta, advance! Kill every last shifter down there!” he cries out, his voice filled with hate and bloodlust. The Deltas shout in unison and race down the stairs, dragging me numbly along in their wake. 

“Good luck, Cage!” the Major’s triumphant voice floats after me as I stumble down into the darkness of the tunnels. 

Shifters didn’t kill Ben at all. They may have put the final nail in his coffin, but the Major bought and paid for it. 

And now I’m going to die the same way he did. 


Warning: This is a sexually explicit shifter erotic romance! For mature audiences only! 

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Now Released: SHIFTING FATES – $0.99 New Release Price!

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From New York Times bestselling author Aubrey Rose and Nadia Simonenko comes a thrilling new shifter romance series: Shifting Fates.

Click this link or the cover to see it on Amazon!  $0.99 New Release pricing, limited time only!

What happens when a soldier falls in love with the shifter he’s been sent to kill?

In post-nuclear Manhattan, there are two kinds of survivors: humans and shifters.


After his older brother Ben was killed by shifters, Cage followed in Ben’s footsteps and joined the military. His job is simple: protect the surviving civilians in the wreckage of Manhattan and put down the dangerous shifter mutants prowling the streets. Bitter with revenge, he can’t wait for a chance to get even with the monsters who killed his brother.


Half-wolf, half-human Bindi is one of Cage’s monsters. She lives underground, hiding away from military patrols and protecting the ragtag pack of shifter children who have come to depend on her. She’d do anything to get out of the city and get her pack to safety, but nobody gets in – or out – of this city.

On Christmas Eve, Cage catches Bindi – in human form – stealing extra rations for her pack. In a moment of pity he lets her go, but not without being struck by a sense that there’s something special about her. Something… different.

*** a Shifter Romance Series that will pull at your heartstrings ***

When he finally discovers her secret, Cage must decide what’s more important to him – finally avenging his brother, or saving the woman he’s come to love. And Bindi will learn a lesson about humanity…and about love.